We are seeking partnerships with people and organizations who take pride in what they do and are willing to put in as much as they get. 

Residual Income

This is the type of income that is paid on a monthly basis and requires little to no effort to maintain it. With our competitive rates and fees, you will be able to grow your monthly residual income with each merchant that you assist and sign.

Unique Bonus & Commissions

We offer great bonus programs that will fit any business structure you have. You can choose from many customizable agent programs available that provides high residual pay, aggressive upfront bonuses or both.

Our Tools

We will provide you with online access to all of your current merchant accounts and the many resources needed to board future ones. With our system, you save valuable time for other important tasks such as increasing your residual income portfolio.

Residual Income

High Earning Potential

You don't need to worry about monthly quotas, receiving residuals for only 6 months or discontinued residuals due to inactivity. With us, you will continue to earn residuals for the life of each account.

We understand that it's not easy starting into a new industry, so our training staff will help you every step of the way until you are completely comfortable with our product and service. We also offer incentives that will assist you on this venture, such as qualified transportation and marketing reimbursement.

Lucrative Bonuses and Commissions

Our great bonus program can be stacked so you if you do it right and you hit the quarterly bonus each quarter, your total bonus payout would be at least $73,000 in just bonuses.

Upfront Bonus                                                                   $100 

Earned when you sign up and complete set up for a merchant.

Performance Bonus                                                      $1,000

Earned when you sign up and complete set up for a merchant.

Quarterly Bonus                                                             $2,500

Sign up 90 merchants in the quarter to receive this bonus.

Annual Bonus                                                                  $15,000

Board 250 accounts in a year for this huge bonus.

Our Tools and Solutions

We set you ahead of the rest and provide the following solutions for you to succeed.
Next-Day Deployment

Sign up your merchants then sit back and let us take care of the rest. We'll manage terminal inventory, build profiles, program machines, and ship out within 24 hours of approval.

Attentive Support

Unlike other ISOs, we pay attention and help you every step of the way. With Linked Assist, our partners can stay connected with our experienced support team when they need it.

Business Cards and Flyers

We provide our partners the marketing materials they need to meet their goals. As a partner, we work with you on the design direction for your marketing materials.

Website and Social Media

For our partners that choose to, we can establish a sales website and provide consulting on social media management at no cost.


For our partners, we provide small business consulting at no cost.

Full Team Support

Our team is here to support you from start to finish. From sales, marketing, boarding, deployment, and merchant support.

Online Portfolio Management

Access your merchant portfolio online from anywhere with our ISO and Agent portal. 

Boarding made Simple

Submit MPAs easier than ever with our boarding process. Our goal is to simplify and speed up the process so your merchants can start processing immediately.

Quick Approval

Submit to us and see just how fast we can get your merchant boarded and processing.

Merchant Solutions

We value your merchant relations and provide useful solutions to build your portfolio and earn the trust you need to establish strong long term relationships with your clients.

Restaurants and Bars

An intelligent and customizable point of sale system that can fit your merchant’s business needs.

Easy and Simple to Use

We provide and support a wide range of countertop terminals designed to give your merchants a simple
and secure way to accept payments.

Online Store

Shopping cart integration makes it easy for merchants to sell their products and accept credit cards online.

Accept Cards Anywhere

Have your merchants accept payments anywhere with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection

Low Cost Installation

Our experienced technicians make installation seemless and we have negotiated the lowest installation fees for merchants.

Returning Customers

Simply set up your merchants in the gift card program so they can keep customers returning/

Secure and Intuitive

Our payment gateways are compatible with any of your merchants’ eCommerce sites, POS systems and
Virtual terminals

No Waiting

Merchants can sign up for next day funding to get faster access to their money for their business.

ACH Bank Accounts

For merchants, that need to directly ACH bank accounts, we have easy to use platforms that are sophisticated enough for any business model.

Linked Assist

Our experience technicians utilizes the latest video tech support software to assist merchants fast and easy.

Merchant Sales

We offer sales reporting for merchants that like to see their transactions and deposits daily, weekly, or monthly.

Added Revenues

Merchants can now have the option to add a surcharge to their customers’ transactions which will result
in keeping their monthly fees minimal.

Competitive Schedule A

We value our partnerships and prove it with our schedule A pricing and profit sharing split. We promote your growth by providing competitive industry prices and frequent incentive programs throughout the year.

Our Tools

We provide you with online access to your merchant portfolio and the many resources needed to board future ones. With our system, you save valuable time to focus on tasks such building relations with your merchants and expanding your portfolio

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